Monday, May 9, 2011

SkinFood Fruits Air Fit Loose Powder

When these SkinFood Fruits Air Fit Loose Powder first came out, I was super excited to try them. That is, until I take a closer look at their packaging and realize how impractical it is to store loose powder in a test tube, complete with a twist cap closure.

I wonder how SkinFood expected people to use this powder. Perhaps it was marketed as a refill for some loose powder container that was sold separately. Either way, it's been discontinued, perhaps SkinFood has come to realization impractical (at least packaging-challenged) products don't sell?

Anyhoo, there are 6 different choices for this loose powder: #10 Bright Rice, #20 Shimmer Grape, #30 Moist Watermelon, #40 Matte Lemon, #21 Skinny Chestnut, #23 Natural Almond.

***Picture from this website.

I got #20 Shimmer Grape, and I have to say it's a really pretty lavender loose powder highlighter with very fine shimmers that adequate brightens my face but doesn't turn me into a disco ball. The powder could have been a bit more finely milled, but it's much smoother than my other highlighters like Maquillage Design Face Color or Aube Blossom Veil Powder.

The drawback is that for every use, I have to dust it out onto a sheet of facial tissue and picks it up with my powder brush. This means I can never take it on the road unless I have an empty loose powder container sitting somewhere I can dump it into. Even then, I don't carry around loose powders precisely because their containers are almost always huge and bulky. Also, it is scented with an oddly soapy fragrance, so it feels a tad weird going on my face, like I'm lathering up or something xD

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