Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maquillage Eye Color N Part III

This next set of Maquillage Eye Color N's have a very interesting member among the greens! There are also several mixed metallics and 2 full metallics!

- GR326: pearl, low intensity. A pearly mint green.

- GR328: metallic, low intensity. A very pale blue green that goes on me with more blue and only subtly green. I believe this is another demure sparkly top wash as it's sparkly but at the same time lacks the high wattage most sparkly top washes have. At least it's metallic :P

- GR736: semi metallic, medium intensity. Despite the name, this color isn't exactly green but is rather an interesting green tinted gunmetal gray. Of course the swatch picture didn't quite capture this green tint, but trust me it's there. It also appears more charcoal in the swatch, when in reality it's a shade or two lighter.

- GR738: semi metallic, low intensity. Now I really doubt any camera can capture how unique this color is. In the pan it looks gray. It swatches with more translucency than expected and is completely deceiving, appearing a plain and dull smoky greenish gray when looked at directly. But find the sunlight and see its multiple dimensions come to life, reflecting a different colored sheen depends on where the light hits. My window opens to the south. When I stand facing the window with the swatches turning outwards, it reflects a dull eggplant purple sheen. However, when I stand facing in the opposite direction (i.e., the north) with the swatch turning in towards me, it reflects a bright peacock green semi metallic sheen. How awesome is that? Hubby thought I was going nuts, turning back and forth a thousand times in front of my window until I pointed to the fourth swatch on the back of my hand and told him to pay attention, at which point he exclaimed, "Woh, weird!" No darling, not weird. Super awesome. xD

- GY825: shimmer, low intensity. Not sure how they come up with their color naming system but this is nowhere near gray. It looks a warm nude beige in the pan but swatches a sand color with sparkling white shimmers. While this color is not exactly translucent, it matches my skin tone rather well and thus didn't really show up in the swatch photo no matter how much I layered on. I bet it'll make a nice base, if not even a lid color with all the pretty sparkles.

From left to right: GR326, GR328, GR736, GR738, and GY825. GR738 is such a diamond in the rough, isn't it? And you can't really see GY825 at all, can you?

- GY835: metallic pearl, medium intensity. A gorgeous purplish taupe that reflects a purplish pearly sheen. I've seen several metallic purplish taupes, but a metallic pearl purplish taupe? Very cool.

- PK144: metallic pearl, medium intensity. A pigmented metallic pearl pink with a shell pink iridescent sheen. It appears a soft white in the swatch photo but the pink is much more obvious in real life. 

Left picture taken indoor with flash. Right picture taken in natural light without flash.

- PK326: metallic, low intensity. A princess pink with white sparkles. Similar to GR328 above, this is a subtle sparkly top wash that I'm very much looking forward to trying!

- PK736: semi metallic pearl, medium intensity. A warm pinky peach with a golden peach pearly sheen. It goes on me with more coral, true to how it appears in the pan.

- RD324: shimmers, very sheer. Another warm peachy pink, though with more pink than peach. This color also reflects a subtle gold sheen.

From left to right: GY835, PK144, PK326, PK736, and RD324. Love that GY835!

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