Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maquillage Eye Color Part IV

Last of the Maquillage Eye Colors! Will move on the Eye Color N's next ^.^

PK782: metallic, low intensity. A metallic pinky taupe. It looks more taupe in the pan but goes on me with more beige, probably because of the yellow in my skin tone. Love this one!

RD748: shimmer, medium intensity. A deep wine with larger gold shimmers. It's very pretty, but unfortunately it's also a tad too translucent for lining purposes and at the same time too dark for a crease shade. At least for me it is. What to do?

RD769: metallic, medium intensity. A gorgeous plummy taupe.

SV813: metallic, low intensity. A metallic true silver that is more shimmery than other shades but is not mega sparkly either! Perhaps this is another subdued sparkling top wash?

VI144: shimmer, low intensity. A semi-opaque candied lavender.

From left to right: PK782, RD748, RD769, SV813, and VI144.

VI166: pearl, low intensity. A very pretty lilac with a pearly lavender iridescent sheen.

VI726: metallic, low intensity. A gorgeous metallic silvery purple that is more shimmery than the rest but is not mega sparkly either, just like SV813. This shade is too dark for a sparkling top wash, and so I will probably wear it on the lids instead.

WT925: high shimmer, very sheer. Looks ivory in the pan but goes on a completely translucent champagne. Read more on this color in my last post.

WT933: high shimmer, low intensity. This is definitely a sparkling top wash that's more pigmented and not completely sheer and translucent like most top washes. You can actually tell how sparkly it is just looking at it in the pan! It goes on a sparkling soft white. Interestingly enough, this color keeps its buttery texture despite having more densely packed shimmer particles than the WT925 above.

WT961: shimmer, very sheer. A silvery white base/highlighter.

YE162: shimmer, very sheer. Looks like a pale yellow in the pan but goes on a sheer ivory.

Top row: VI166, VI726, and WT933. I got mixed up here and swatched WT933 before WT925. Oops.
Bottom row: WT925, WT961, and YE162.

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