Sunday, June 17, 2012

Only in Japan... Part II

...may be not just Japan, but Asia in general, there's this ceaseless trend of really funny-crazy-are-you-kidding-me names for snacks. The below aren't the best examples, but I'm not much of a snacker even if I'm on a cookies kick lately. Here are what I came across during my shopping runs for my sister.

Who cares about Harvard when you can have Harvard cookies? The chocolate cookies have vanilla cream filling and the vanilla cookies have orange cream filling. They turned out to be ho-hum, a little blah even. Where are those pesky corporate lawyers when you need decent tasting cookies? Come on!

Another super popular sweet cookie-like snack is the Cream Collon below. The name makes you want to burst out laughing then barf and repeat, but if you've gone into an Asian grocery shop in the states no doubt you've seen these on the shelf in all sorts of flavors. That's just how ubiquitous they are. I finally got curious enough to try the Strawberry Milk Collon. Unfortunately it's blah too. Actually, it's kind of disgusting, although I'm not sure if it actually tastes disgusting or the thought of its name makes it taste disgusting. 

See my previous Only in Japan... post.


Citrine said...

Lol, I would totally get the colon cookies...Anyway, I don't think it's about the funny/awkward name (more like funny English).

There was a professor at out school whose name is Yale and he said he got made fun of all his life...

efe said...

i find asian candy mostly blah. except te melon candy from lotte.

D. said...

Haha speaking of names, my brilliant high school Algebra 2 teacher's birth name ->was<- Focko xD

D. said...

Hi Fu Fai Gai,

I do too, but I have a soft spot for salt candies and preserve plum candy (and Mexican chili salt candies) ^.^

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