Thursday, July 12, 2012

HABA Lift Up Serum

From the HABA Non-Additivism Mook Summer 2012, I decided to try this Lift Up Serum since it's just a small 1mL satchel. I was curious to see what this squalene business is all about, plus I thought I would finish up the small satchel quickly so I can move on to other things. Boy was I wrong.

This serum is very moisturizing on its own, which makes it more suitable for winter use, especially when it's hot and humid right now. Normally, a serum is supposed to be layered on top of lotion (toner) and underneath moisturizer. However, this one being already so potent layering another moisturizer over it turns my skin sticky first and then oily. So now I just use it by itself during daytime, after the Hadanomy AquaPlacenta Concentrated Mist and it's been great at keeping my skin balanced. I can't comment on the "lifting" effect though, as I haven't noticed any.

The serum is an unscented runny liquid, only slightly thicker than water. As it is very moisturizing, I only need 1 drop in my palm, rub hands together to spread, then pat hands onto both cheeks, forehead, and chin. So the small 1mL satchel I thought I would finish in a few days has been lasting me for 2 weeks with daily use and there are still about half left! By this count, imagine how long a 15mL bottle would last! O.o Anyway, since the serum is in a satchel and cannot be resealed for freshness, I pour it into a small jar instead to keep things clean. 

HABA Lift Up Serum, available in 2 sizes, 15mL and 30mL. 

***Picture from HABA USA.

There's also this Powerful White Mask, which will probably go to my mum since I don't really care for whitening products.

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