Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Bath Day Rose Enrich Milky Body Gel

It took me about a week of daily use to get through half this travel size 30mL Rose Enrich Milky Body Gel bottle. It came from the Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Limited Edition Gift Set, which also includes the Rose Enrich Body Soap (300mL) and Rose Enrich Hand Cream (20g).

The Rose Enrich Milky Body Gel is a very light body moisturizer in a runny milky gel texture. It has a similar scent to the Body Soap, just a bit more rosy and less flowery. This is definitely a summer moisturizer as it goes on like, umm, slightly moisturizing water :P The texture is so light it disappears into my skin, leaving a slight stickiness (probably the humidity is at work here) until it fully dries off, after which I can no longer detect it. It leaves my skin feel balanced in the summer heat, so for now I would say it works well. For the dryer months, however, I'm going to need something with much more moisture because this wimpy watery gel won't do at all ^.^ 

Due to the runny texture of the body gel, it the bottle is actually squeeze (rather than a pour) bottle with a tapered tip like a dropper, almost. I think it's pretty neat and I like it a lot as it allows me to control the amount and squeeze the gel directly onto my arm or leg. It's really too bad that most other body moisturizer I use are way too thick for this type of packaging.

For one arm ^.^

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