Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canmake Whip Mousse Lip

You think I'd leave Japan without getting a hold of these Canmake Whip Mousse Lips? Ha! As if I'd pass up a multi-purpose lip/cheek cream color! These are brand new releases as of July, and they are available in 3 colors, 01 Raspberry Red02 Honey Orange, and 03 Misty Peach

Canmake Whip Mousse Lips in 01 Raspberry Red, 02 Honey Orange, and 03 Misty Peach.

Similar to the Candy Wrap Lips, these come in decently sized clear tubes only with gold caps instead of silver. Also, their applicators are the updated fuzzy spatula that are flat on both sides. The product itself is unscented and has a mousse texture but feels more like a cream going on. All three colors have no shimmers and dries to a completely matte and somewhat translucent stain, as in they're not opaque and build-able. Love these new additions to the Canmake lineup!

I like their hygienic tube and applicator lot, especially since they're meant for both the lips and cheeks. That said, I only use them on my cheeks. They aren't drying on my lips, but they're not moisturizing either. On my lips, they feel like...nothing. Pretty much a stain, where as I prefer a gloss for a hint of color and shine, or at least a balm of some sort to keep my lips moist and soft. If I want more color, I go for a lipstick stain that would still give some moisture (swipe once on the bottom lip and press to spread, no blotting - too drying that way). And honestly, why would I use these Whip Mousse on my lips when I have the marvelous Candy Wrap Lips, especially with the newest 2 colors that work wonders on me?

- 01 Raspberry Red: the name suggests a blue-based pinkish red but it looks more coral red in the tube and turns more of a yellow-based red on me.

- 02 Honey Orange: looks more of milky peachy orange in the tube but turns more navel orange on me with only a tad of coral in the undertone. I'm thinking either my luck is slowly turning when it comes to oranges or Canmake is actually putting out some true oranges that don't turn coral on me! Nice. Good job, Canmake! I approve.

- 03 Misty Peach: not a peach at all, not even in the tube ^.^ It's instead a dolly pink that blends out to a bright girly pink. This color might be too pale to show up on some people, but on me it gives a fresh and healthy glow.

From left to right: 01 Raspberry Red, 02 Honey Orange, and 03 Misty Peach.
Top row: swatches
Bottom row: blended


kuri said...

wow, how lovely!

I'm definitely picking up the red one; thanks for the review.

kuri said...

Wow, they look nice! I'm definitely getting the red one; I'm not sure I need the others but the orange is tempting :)

D. said...

Hi kuri,

The red is a good choice and I like the orange too. The pink is definitely safe to pass unless you're really pale and like sheer blushes ^.^ These hold up very well in the heat by the way!


LauraLeia said...

Oooh these look awesome!! I would definitely use them more as a blush than a lip product, from your description. :D

D. said...

Hi Laura,

These are quite nice and I would totally recommend them, especially the red and orange.

Thank you for reading and commenting!


Izumi Nagai said...

Hi! I'm planning to get the one in orange, do they last long on the skin? Or do they make your skin look oily? :)


D. said...

Hi Izumi,

These all have matte finish, so there is no shimmer or sheen at all. They keep well on my cheeks, but do keep in mind I have dry combination skin (oily on t-zones, dry cheeks and mouth area) and I always wear sunscreen underneath my makeup, which greatly helps extending the wear of my cheek colors.

Thanks for reading,

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