Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Part VIII

The last in this Body Shop Shimmer Cubes, woohoo!! In this batch are palettes 24 Lily Cole Collection, 26 Hot Pink, and 30 Spring Bronze.   

All pictures taken in natural light without flash. Clickable photos = zoom, so click and see ^.^

- 24 Lily Cole Collection: this palette placated me a bit with the pretty colors. That said, for some reason it's less pigmented than all the other Shimmer Cubes palettes. One is a shimmery top wash (Tint it Pink at bottom right) and all 4 colors gain translucency when used wet.

Clockwise from top left:
- Think Pink: metallic and medium intensity (dry and wet). A metallic but warm rosy pink.
- Live Lilac: shimmer and low intensity (dry), metallic and medium intensity (wet). This color is actually true to its name, a pretty lilac.
- Tint it Pink: shimmer and very sheer (dry), and metallic and low intensity (wet). A whisper pink that's shimmery top wash. It's sheer when used dry and is translucent when used wet.
- Go Violet: semi metallic (dry) and shimmer (wet), high intensity. A red plum that's opaque when used dry but gains some translucency when used wet.

- 26 Hot Pink: a pink-themed palette that's better than 24 Lily Cole Collection above but still not as pigmented as the other Shimmer Cubes. This palette also has a shimmery top wash that's sheer (Champagne Pink at bottom right), but it has no liner shades at all. Also, 3/4 colors gain translucency when used wet, with one color, the same Champagne Pink, turning completely transparent. Interestingly enough, 3/4 colors also lose some metallic when used wet. The names in this palette are totally off, but overall the colors are pretty if you like pinks.

Clockwise from top left:
- Garden Rose: metallic (dry) and semi metallic (wet), medium intensity. A pretty hot pink.
- Deep Fuchsia: metallic (dry) and semi metallic (wet), medium intensity. Neither deep nor fuchsia. Go figure. I mean, fuchsia by definition is cooler, and having "deep" in its name you would think the color is darker somehow. But nope, this is a warm petal pink.  
- Champagne Pink: shimmer and very sheer (dry and wet). A whisper pink shimmery top wash that becomes completely transparent when used wet.
- Light Coral: metallic (dry) and semi metallic (wet), low intensity. Not coral at all but rather a cool shell pink.

Here's a comparison between all the pink and purple-themed palettes: 07 and 23 (top row), and 24 and 26 (bottom) row. Not too many recycled colors, thankfully.

- 30 Spring Bronze: this is one of my favorite palettes, if not the favorite, in my entire Shimmer Cubes collection. With this palette, the high pigmentation and metallic finishes came back, yay! No recycles either, double yay! The only minor problem that I didn't even notice until I started to watermark these photos was that my shimmer cubes arrive sealed but with the color orders totally messed up. So sorry for any confusion, but the color arrangement and swatches are not in the same order as listed on the back of the packaging.

Clockwise from top left:
- Burnished Gold: metallic and high intensity (dry and wet). A gorgeous gorgeous 24K gold. So so so pretty!
- Dusty Fawn: metallic and medium intensity (dry and wet). A pretty champagne that gains translucency when used wet.
- Rich Espresso: shimmer and high intensity (dry and wet). A rich earthy brown with sparkling gold shimmers that become apparent when used wet. Makes a lovely liner!
- Warm Copper: metallic and high intensity (dry and wet). A metallic orangy copper that I don't have the guts to pull off, but someone out there will xD

Here's a comparison of two warm brown palettes 06 Chocolate Box and 30 Spring Bronze. The two coppery colors look similar in the pan but is quite different when applied, with palette 30's Warm Copper being much brighter with a lot more orange.

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