Friday, January 27, 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme

Here's the 1.4g/0.04oz. of Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme in C211 I got from Sephora's End-of-Week Treats promotion, which includes the 1g/0.035oz. Sephora Rouge Brilliance Rouge Shine in N14 Love Spell reviewed the day before.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The only other MUFE lipstick I'd tried in the past was also a mini freebie from Sephora, the Rouge Artist Intense in 36 Satin Fuchsia. That lippie didn't work for me at all, the formula, the texture, the color, the finish. Nope.

It seems the Rouge Artist Intense is no longer available. I don't see it on MUFE's website at least, leaving only the Rouge Artist Natural and its selection of 50 shades, thankfully not of gray but still pretty overwhelming. But the new generation of MUFE lipsticks is called--take a guess--Artist Rouge Creme (32 colors) and Artist Rouge Matte (16 colors). I'm guessing the new Matte is to replace the previous Intense and the new Creme will eventually replace the current Natural?

I haven't tried the new Matte yet and probably won't, so I can't make the comparison with the previous Intense. But this Creme mini I have is good! The formula is lighter than that of Lunasol Stain Color Lips, not as creamy or soft but still goes on with some tug and stays put.

I put it on while lounging around on a lazy Sunday, wore it on all afternoon while sipping tea and water (and fell asleep on the couch too at one point), and by dinner time I was rather impressed lipstick still looked freshly applied. No fading, feathering, or smearing beyond the lip line. It did dry up my lips a bit after a few hours so it wasn't as comfortable as Lunasol.

The finish appears rather thick even if the formula itself isn't. It definitely looks and feels like I'm wearing lipstick, which I don't hate but don't prefer either. While I'm glad to have tried this Artist Rouge Creme, I definitely won't be buying a full size in any color. Just not the kind of lipsticks I reach for.

- C211: an opaque and pigmented mauve that provides full coverage with just one swipe and leaves a soft matte finish. It turns a bit plummy on my lips and is more flattering after the sunset in indoor lighting ^.^" The swatch below is a single swipe (left), versus a couple of layers of Sephora Rouge Brilliance Rouge Shine in N14 Love Spell (right).

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