Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize Part IV

Holy smoke, how long has it been since I last bought a Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize? Let's see, I last posted swatches for them in 2012 but have had them for a few years by that point, most probably since 2008-9. Woah, a decade, folks!

It wasn't all me. The brand seldom releases new single eye shadow colors and when they did, I didn't like any of the colors. Last year though, they definitely got my attention with BE384 and BR583.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

- BE384: shimmer, medium intensity. A warm, fleshy beige that makes a nice and brightening lid wash.

- BR583: shimmer, medium intensity. I see this color as another attempt at red beige, and redder of center too. Thanks to the bright sun and the strong yellow-cast, this color appears orange-brown in the swatch photo but it isn't orange at all in real life.

BE384 and BR583.

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