Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque

Been using this 74mL/2.5fl oz. full size tube of Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque alongside a few other masks for the past several months. I went through a few phases of different types of facial treatments. I used to be crazy about sheet masks, then sleeping masks, then peeling gels, and I guess now it's either the peel-off or wash-off masks. I'm still using the peeling gel occasionally too, and now that it's gotten drier, I've been reaching less for the peel-off masks and more for the moisturizing wash-off masks, which I will get to next!

I got this tube from DermStore 2012 Black Friday Special Mystery Black Bag ^.^ I waited for so long to try it because it has a blend of AHA/PHA (polyhydroxy acids) blend and at the time, I was still experimenting with Avene TriAcneal (a blend of retinaldehyde, glycolic acid which is already an AHA, a third something else I don't remember) and didn't want to over stress my skin. I've given up on TriAcneal and reduced it to a mere eye cream since the beginning of the year. However, it took until around the summer for my skin to finally completely de-clog and rid itself of all remnants of TriAcneal (didn't work out too well). Now that my skin have readjusted and returned to the state it was pre-TriAcneal, I'm ready to give this peel-off mask a try.

This mask comes out of the tube much thinner and runnier than the black sludge that was Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. It is very strongly scented with an apple fruity scent that smells fake and chemical. It also has a strong fume that burns my eyes but does not clear my sinus like the Boscia mask does. I smear a thick and even layer all over clean skin and let dry for about 20-30 minutes and peel it off starting from the outer edges. Because of the AHA/PHA in this product, it's strictly for nighttime use and sun protection during the daytime is recommended!

Surprisingly, I like this mask much better than the Boscia one, even with the strong scent and the eye-burning fume. Thanks to the thinner and runnier texture, it doesn't constrict as taut as it dries. The dried peeled off mask is just as thin and gel-like. It doesn't pull as much, skin or hair alike, so it doesn't hurt to peel off like the Boscia mask. After peeling off, again I wipe off the excess with a warm and damp facial muslin cloth.

The best part is that I can actually see a noticeable difference when I use this mask. My skin does gain some radiance, probably from the focus dose of acid blend - it just look clearer and brighter! It feels much smoother and softer, and in the bright bathroom lighting it gains a nice sheen too! I didn't think this mask would do much but I guess I'm impressed that it does ^.^ If you would like to try a peel-off mask, I'd say this is a good one to try! Just remember to wear sunscreen during the day if you plan to use any product with retinoids or acids!


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