Sunday, December 1, 2013

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

Been using these SK-II Signs Eye Masks off and on for the past few months, may be once a month on a night when I'm too lazy for the other several peel off or wash off masks I'm using ^.^ I got 7 pairs from the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Rochas Bottle x Mask Coffret back in June, though I didn't get around to review this coffret till August. 

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Rochas Bottle x Mask Coffret.

First, the packaging. I hate it. Each piece of eye mask has a sheet of plastic on it, fine. I understand the need to keep them from sticking to each other. But then each pair of eye mask is also on a plastic tray, and the whole tray is then sealed inside a packet. The purpose of this tray just totally goes over my head, really. Every time I open up a packet, I get a tray dripping with serum, which is not only messy but completely wasteful, because the serum would have soaked the eye masks instead of coating the darn tray! You can't really mop up the serum from the tray either! I mean, they can't seriously expect the box to be transported right side up from manufacturer to end-user, do they? Of course it's going to be tossed in all directions, so why bother with the stupid tray? I don't get it. What benefits do the trays offer other than to scatter and spread the serum away from the actual sheet masks? 

Anyway, the sheet masks themselves are okay. They're actually kind of a disappointment in that they're not any better than the much much more affordable Hadabisei Under Eye Gel Mask, which is still my favorite by far. These sheet masks are made of fiber soaked in serum, and they don't stay very well, at least on my skin, slipping and sliding and I'd have to shift them up every once in a while. The worst part is that the serum never really absorbs. It just sits there on my skin, and after removing the mask and tapping the rest in, I'm left with an entire under eye and upper cheek area that are just sticky and icky. Urgh. What's the point of these masks again? I won't be shelling out big bucks for these, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

I got this same set. I am totally confused about what the dry, round tablets are. I wet one and it seems they are a face mask, but what are you supposed to wet them with. There were NO directions. I see them in the picture in your blog, and can't find information anywhere. Help?

D. said...

Hi anonymous,

The round tablets are dry sheet masks, which you can soak in the Facial Treatment Essence, or any other lotion (toner), serum, or essence you like ^.^

I hope this helps.


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