Friday, December 6, 2013

Kate Goldish Eyes

I wasn't too interested when these Kate Goldish Eyes first came out. Each quad has just one dark color that's the liner color, the other 3 include a base/highlighter, a sparkly all over lid color that's still very light, and an even sparklier top wash. I love my sparklies but I still need some color to work with here :(

The original lineup has only 4 colors: BU-1, GD-1, PK-1, and WT-1. Of these, only GD-1 looks like it has any color at all while the WT-1 is pretty much a bust all around for me. Then this summer they added GD-2 to the mix, which looked interesting, so I caved and picked up both GD-1 and GD 2. 

Kate Goldish Eyes GD-1 (top row) and GD-2 (bottom row). All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These turn out to be really decent and I'm enjoying the 2 palettes I have more than I thought I would. I like that they're much softer and smoother than the Jewel Mode Eyes, with the base/highlighter and liner shades being the silkiest! I don't like the lack of pigmentation though. As you can see, other than the liner shade the other 3 "colors" don't have much color. So unfortunately, if you're expecting pigmentation you'll be sorely disappointed with these.

Still, I found myself reaching for mine more often than not when going to classes in the past three months. This has to do more with their overall finish than pigmentation or texture. I expected this to be a glitter fest, thanks to the original commercial as well as the "shiny gold" shade (top left) that give the false impressions of super sparkliness, though not that I mind. However, the shimmers in these palettes are actually finer than most, and even the sparkling top wash is neither glittery or overly sparkly. So the overall finish is a glowing and more sophisticated shimmery look, somewhere along the lines of Coffret D'Or 3D Glossy Eyes, may be a bit more but not that much more. These Kate Goldish Eyes *are* shimmery and sparkly, just not as high a wattage as they can get with Japanese eye shadows.

- GD-1: a warm copper gold combo. The lid shade in this palette is probably the darker (darkest?) among the other lid shades in the lineup. However, I do wish the liner shade is also darker. Right now, it requires a few layers to show up well. Still, despite the warmth and the lighter liner shade this palette is very pretty. I actually like it better than the GD-2 below as the coppery gold is gorgeous and surprisingly flattering on my skin tone.

Clockwise from top left:
- Top wash: very sheer, high shimmer, a sparkling yellow gold. A sparkling top wash with finer shimmers than other sparkling top washes.
- Base/highlighter: low intensity, shimmer, a pale shimmery ecru with a slight pearly sheen.
- Lid shade: low intensity, high shimmer, a copper with reddish gold shimmers. The finer shimmer particles in this shade give it a glistening wet finish. Gorgeous!
- Liner shade: high intensity, satin, warm chocolate. The lighter color makes this shade a weak liner even when it shows up well. So I always layer it a few times or go over with a darker color. It also turns slightly red on my lower lash line, so I don't line my lower lash with it either. However, it does make a nice medium crease shade!

- GD-2: a neutral tarnished gold combo. I was hoping the lid shade in this palette would be darker, or at least have more contrast :( The dark liner shade makes up for it though, I guess. I do like the tarnished silver top wash very much, and this palette actually creates a sophisticated look appropriate for the office. I will probably bring both palettes with me to the next conference I'm attending.

Clockwise from top left:
- Top wash: very sheer, high shimmer, a sparkling tarnished silver.
- Base/highlighter: low intensity, shimmer, a shimmery ivory with a slight pearly sheen.
- Lid shade: low intensity, high shimmer, a glistening tarnished gold. Again the fine shimmery particles in this shade give it a lovely glistening finish, but too bad it's not dark enough or even has the contrast to show up well. Too bad :(
- Liner shade: high intensity, satin, a bitter chocolate.

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