Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tarte LipSurgence Part V

Even more Tarte LipSurgence lip pencils and I guess you can say I'm positively addicted ^.^ This a group review for a couple of different orders I placed in the late summer and early fall. Tarte had a sale, and I was able to nab a couple of holiday 2013 sets at great prices!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The freebie I received was a BB cream sample card.

I'll start with this LipSurgence Lip Creme Holiday 2013 Gift Set, which includes the colors Precious, Promise, Thoughtful, and Wonder. I love the 3 Lip Cremes I have and was glad to try more colors. 

However, the 4 Lip Cremes in this set are actually quite different in finish than the Admired, Loved, and Carefree that I own, which only serves to further confuse me (as if this entire line of lip pencils isn't already confusing with all the different Lip Tints, Lip Lusters, etc.!). Whereas Admired, Loved, and Carefree are all translucent colors, with Admired and Loved being shimmer free and Carefree has very fine gold shimmers, all four Lip Cremes in this set are opaque and apply more like a pigmented full coverage lipstick! I know some people would be totally thrilled with these but I wasn't so thrilled, because opaque and full coverage means I won't reach for them as often. So I ended up giving two away to my mum in law and my friend A. 

The upside is that these are super pigmented. If you've tried Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, these are very similar, with a creamy balmy texture and a minty flavor to boot! I'd much rather they don't a taste at all, but I can overlook that.

- Precious: an opaque and shimmer free cool and slightly tawny rose. 

- Promise: opaque and shimmer free raspberry. Very pretty, except that it's very pigmented and I apply it gingerly.

- Thoughtful: opaque and shimmer free warm brownish red.

Wonder: opaque and shimmer free warm medium pink that turns coral on my lips.

From left to right: Precious, Promise, Thoughtful, and Wonder.

In addition to the above Lip Creme Holiday 2013 Gift Set, I also got two other Lip Cremes, and interestingly enough they didn't come with box. The website even said so. They arrived packed in a nylon bag with a card, but no actual box. And guess what, both of these Lip Cremes have translucent finish, exactly what I love about Admired, Loved, and Carefree! Hmm...the set above must be a fluke then...

- Heartfelt: translucent and shimmer free raspberry, pretty much identical to Promise above only it's translucent and therefore seems pinkier, but it's very similar.

- Miracle: translucent and shimmer free coral. This color is also similar to Wonder above, only translucent. Is Tarte recycling their colors under different names and finishes or something?

Heartfelt and Miracle, in comparison with Promise and Wonder (right picture, bottom row).

With the second order in the fall, I also got a Magic Wish Deluxe LipSurgence Lip Set for $5 ^.^ This set includes a mini Lip Creme in Wishful and a mini LipSurgence Lip Gloss in Magic (will review in a separate post). 

- Wishful: a translucent and shimmer free fleshy pink.

With the fall order I bought a Lip Luster in Fever and a Lip Tint in Festive.

- Lip Luster Fever: a translucent yellow based red with gold shimmers. Very pretty!

- Lip Tint Festive: a translucent and shimmer free reddish coral. Love this color also!

Lip Luster Fever, Lip Tint Festive, Lip Creme Wishful, and Lip Gloss Magic.

And I also got a full size of the Skintuitive Lip Tint in Energy. Because I love it ^.^

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kuri said...

very pretty! but so many choices! Glitzy, Promise, and Festive look intriguing! Do they stain?

D. said...

Hi kuri!

I know, right? It's just not the colors, but the confusing varieties.

Glitzy is a Lip Luster, which means translucent colors with shimmers, so this one doesn't stain.

Promise is a Lip Creme, and this particular one is completely opaque. However, I don't find it particularly staining either. It's like a lipstick in a pencil form.

Festive is a Lip Tint, and these do stain! In fact, this color is probably one of my most favorite ever!


kuri said...

Oh that is super helpful. Festive is now on my wishlist! It's funny that I can be so picky about finish and staining power now - such luxury :) at a moderate price. Gonna wait for a sale though, heh.

D. said...

Hi kuri,

I'm glad that help! Are you looking for lip stains in particular, especially those that are affordable? I'll be reviewing some Korean lip stains soon and boy do they stain like crazy!!!


kuri said...

Yes! I'm looking for lip stains - ideally affordable and with a bit of shine, that aren't drying. I usually don't end up reapplying too often which is why I like lip products that stain - my bare lips are so boring.

D. said...

Well, the Korean lip stains I've tried stain like nobody's business, but that's all they do, stain the heck out of your lips (and the back of my hand ^.^").

So what I do is dab a little bit of the stain on, leave it to set for a couple of minutes, then layer on clear balm or gloss for moisture and/or shine.

I'm still trying to catch up with my posts in draft (seems like I'm always in catch up mode...) but I'll post on these soon!


kuri said...

That sounds doable -

Cool, look forward to the reviews!

kuri said...

There's a holiday set at Macy's now

But they're all limited edition Lip Cremes so I'm a bit worried about what kind of finish they will be...

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Yes I just saw the new holiday set yesterday and had the exact same thought as you: the finish will be different because they're limited editions.

I like the "normal" lip cream finish as it's translucent and less pigmented. And even as is it's already quite pigmented for me. So I don't want it any more opaque...

Thanks for letting me know!


kuri said...

Haha, yeah. I was on the verge of buying it but just bought a towel I've been wanting. I'll just go try on the regular colors and find one I like.

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