Friday, November 9, 2018

Crown & Crumpet Tea Room, San Francisco, Part III

While hubby was busy with work conference, I roamed around Japantown and visited familiar stores and shops until I got tired. Plus, having a few days away from our little one (he stayed with my parents) meant precious writing time for me.

That said, writing meant I needed a place to camp and staying all cooped up in the hotel room was not an option. This was in SF, after all! Thank goodness for Crown & Crumpet Tea Room on Post Street.

So I camped a couple of my afternoon hours there typing away on my laptop and it was heaven. I seriously could live in that shop if they (and my little one) would let me ^.^" 

I did what I used to do: ordered a pot of tea, a bowl of soup, and some sweets. The salted caramel macarons were yummy, if a tad sweeter than I remembered. The soup was definitely different, and I soon learned it was because they'd changed chef. Of course they did, it's been five years! The owner C. did recognize me though and we had a nice chat.

The next afternoon, both hubby and I came back for afternoon tea and C. chuckled when he saw us. We're fan for life, was what I told him.

Poor hubby looked a bit sleep-deprived so having a slow afternoon to sip tea really helped him relaxed.

As we left, I looked down below the counter and spotted something peculiar and spectacularly awesome, a tiny little door with a tiny mailbox, sign, and unicorn, all bubblegum pink! We were then told some little kids even left notes in the mailbox for the unicorn xD Love it!

Here are some more photos from five years ago. I never posted these because they made me miss the place so much. We were babies, no? Thank god I grew out of that weird, scarf-wearing phase ^.^"

Here's another tea session with A. who still lives there (I think, she's been traveling so much I'm not quite sure where she is at the moment).

And here are some of my camping sessions. Good times. Good times.

Just looking at pictures makes me crave the scones and the sweets again.

I have to say I miss the chef too--I never even learned his name! His soups were the best, light but flavorful. A couple of my favorites were this beef and beet soup below and the tomato basil bisque above. Wherever you are, good sir, I hope you won't stop making your delicious soups!

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