Wednesday, November 14, 2018

R & G Lounge (Chinese Cuisine), San Francisco, Part II

On one of the nights in SF, hubby and I decided to go back to R&G Lounge for that delicious baked black cod I'd been craving since we left the city.

Hubby ordered the chicken soup which I thought was just ok. The greens sauteed with garlic were yummy though.

Oh man, that cod was just a good as I remember, though this time it tasted more fish-like and less tofu-jelly. I mean, it's a fish, right? We've never tried the salt and pepper crab here even though it's one their specialties that even Anthony Bourdain had tried (RIP Tony T.T). So we ordered that. It was decent but didn't wow me, probably because it was battered. I prefer my crabs without any batter so I can savor the sweet meat. And now I'm craving that cod again!

See my previous R & G Lounge post.

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