Thursday, May 12, 2011

InRed March 2011 (Picture Heavy!)

The Paul & Joe multi-case from InRed March 2011 issue really is what the Jill Stuart multi-case from Como March 2011 should have been. Not to mention this InRed issue has lots of good stuff in it too! Now I really regret getting the Como issue :(

Similarly to the Jill Stuart case, the Paul & Joe multi-case is made of PVC and polyester. It measures 12.5(height) x 20(length) x 1.5(thick) cm and has a very pretty understated paisley print with sand colored border.

Both sides of the multi-case is padded, but thank goodness, it isn't bendable at all. In fact, quite the opposite and the multi-case feels very sturdy and well made.

And it looks like some thoughts were put into the design of this multi-case, because the card slots are right up when the case is up right. Practicality is a good thing!

There is an inner pocket underneath the mesh pocket on the left.

And on the right underneath the card slots is another pocket.

And although I think they could have fit in another card slot, but hey, I'd rather have 2 functional card slots than 6 card slots that can't hold a thing! Plus there is a pocket with button closure for things I really don't want to be falling out every time I unzip the multi-case. And over all, all the pockets and card slots feel a lot more secure and not loosey goosey like those in the Jill Stuart multi-case. Can't complain with that!

Although I did find a gnarly thread, I will happily over look it given all the other pluses.

A picture of the model with the multi-case.

I like this issue of InRed a lot! It has many pages on fashion, and mostly practical suggestions that reminds me of Real Simple magazine, only with a Japanese edge (I did say mostly practical!).

Here's a cute picture of Shinohara Ryoko without any makeup on. She looks like a little kid ^.^ I like her a lot but haven't seen any of her newest drama since Anego in 2005 and Unfair in 2006. Her newest drama in 2010 Ogon no Buta looks interesting, although her character in this drama sounds way too similar to the one she played in Unfair.

I love the fashion pages below! Here are some suggestions on how to pair different cuts and styles of the white button up collar shirt.

Same button up collar shirt, only in colors, different fabrics like denim and flannel. And blouses too!

Print dresses and airy pieces.

Nautical stripes and poplin tunics.

Short trenches and weekend blazers.

Chinos and baggy denim (yep, they're back in, folks! It makes you feel old when stuff you wore in high school are now back "in style").

Different ways to wear a large scarf and cotton skirts.

And even more shoes!

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