Thursday, June 21, 2012

Only in Japan... Tokyu Hands Edition

Remember this Pepsi Pink that was the limited edition flavor last November? (Psst, check out this list of past limited edition Pepsi flavors!)

While out doing some shopping for my sister, I stumbled upon a treasure of gag-n-giggle inducing shelf full of different flavored Ramune from the famous (or infamous, depends on who you ask) Tokyu Hands. You probably have heard of Tokyu Hands before, it's a multi-floor shop selling things you never realize you need until you drop a few hundred bucks and leave the place with bags full of them. That's how it always works, doesn't it? Here, see Tokyu Hands' official website in English, or better yet, google Tokyu Hands and see for yourself! Hell, Dick Page spent a precious few days in Tokyo and where did he tour but Tokyu Hands?

So here I present - tadaa - Ramune gag gifts!!! Some of it are just "normal" flavors, but some are definitely gag worthy. Of course they're nowhere as gross sounding as Jelly Beans in Booger, Dirt, Earthworm, Earwax, Rotten Egg, and Vomit flavors, but they're still pretty, umm, wacky stuff.

- Squid Ink Ramune: Squid ink pasta? May be. Squid ink soda? May be not...
***Squid ink pasta picture from Kitchen Connaisseur.

- Curry Ramune: okay, I love curry, just not in a soda.

- Kimchi Ramune: again, I love kimchi to death, but I wouldn't drink it, definitely not in the form of a soda. That's just gross.

- Takoyaki Ramune: this one made me laugh out loud. Takoyaki is a street snack in the form of balls of pan-fried dough with chunks of octopus inside, slathered with a sweet and tangy sauce, then topped with shaved fish, seaweed sprinkles, Japanese mayonnaise, and occasionally pickled ginger too. I like takoyaki, which is why I'm not doing to drink it in a soda.

- Spicy Oil Ramune: now this is just...weird. Spicy oil soda? Really? Erhh...I think prefer my spicy oil in vinegar and soy sauce for dipping with gyoza. But thanks for the thought.

- Almond Ramune: finally, a "normal" flavor. Thank goodness! I bought this bottle, actually, and damn it was delicious! I didn't taste any almonds at all though. Rather, it tasted like a White Cherry Icee, only in a soda. Yum! I want more!!
***Icee picture from this website.

- Cream Puff Ramune: the blue line of text says this product was developed by a group of high school students in an internship project. Too bad I didn't get this. I should have, because I bought another Caramel flavor (will post in Part II) that was also part of the same internship project and it turned out to be quite delicious! Well, I guess that's my excuse to go back and get this one ^.^

- Yubari Melon (Yubari King cantaloupe cultivar) Ramune: with 1% juice concentrate. Japan imports the majority of its melons (of any kind), which is why they're so crazily expensive, which is why melon is a popular flavor in most snack foods and desserts in Japan. Here you'll find melon flavored candies, gums, cookies, chocolates, even sweet breads, and of course, soda too. I'll give this a try the next time I go back ^.^

- Hassaku Ramune: Hassaku is a Japanese citron by the name of Citrus hassaku. Damn, I should have bought this one too, and the Setouchi Lemon one below! Oh well, next time, next time ^.^

- Setouchi Lemon Ramune: featuring lemon from Setouchi, Okayama, Japan. Not sure why this lemon is so special, but I guess I'll find out soon enough when I go back and get it!

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