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Tokyo Eats - In the neighborhood Part IV

More food in my former neighborhood, again, won't be the last as I'm still catching up on photos.

We didn't dine at the Atago Green Hills Forest Tower lounge as D&E got tired of the food and wanted to venture out. But still, over the new year (which was a long time ago, I know...), they actually served zouni, a traditional new year soup with mochi!

When my family visited over the holidays, we actually ordered osechi too! There are myriad choices of course as many big department stores and restaurants offered their own versions. That said, my brother has fish allergy and all Japanese traditional osechi are, well, all fish and seafood. There were Western (French and Italian) versions too, but those have too much cheese and sausages and my parents aren't too big a fan of those. So in the end, we had to settle for a Chinese version with both meats and seafood, although no fish.

There were lots and lots of sakura trees around the neighborhood and springtime was a sight to behold.

Here's hubby and I leaving the Forest Tower after a visit with our friends.

Snapped this photo in the front lobby of the Forest Tower building. These were mountain sakura, I was told, not that I know any difference. They were gorgeous though!

Had lunch at this Platinum Fish Teppan Bar inside Kamiyacho Station twice. The chicken was good. The beef, not so much. Too chewy.

Had dinner a few times too at this Honey Baked Ham across the street from Kamiyacho Station Exit 3. Everything was great though as you can see, almost everything was ham-related, with the exception of the shrimps :)

Over the new year, a soba place opened up in the corner opposite of the Toranomon building and the Good Morning Cafe. It was a rather mysterious place. As you can see, there's no billboard, no restaurant sign, no restaurant name. The only reason we realized it was there was, well, these gigantic lines during lunch.

We walked right by the restaurant door several times and had to scrutinize it to find a tiny little sign by the door and even then, we couldn't really make out what it says. Our Japanese friends told us the place's owned by some celebrity and that the soba was decent. We didn't really care for soba too much, and we definitely didn't want to join that line. Why bother when there's great food readily available across the street at Toranomon?

Yes, I'm talking about Toranomon Arbol. Again, we stopped going so often but when we went, the food was consistently delicious! I really recommend it.

Tried Above Grill and Bar a couple more times for dinner. I really liked their caprese salad, garlic toasts, and roasted chicken. That roasted chicken was delicious!

Our 10 years wedding anniversary fell on a May weeknight, and with hubby tired from work we decided to give Andaz Tavern a try, it being right in our neighborhood and on the 51st floor of the Toranomon building! The decor and ambiance was nice and we really liked the high ceiling.

They had a course meal of course, but we weren't hungry and felt like ordering a la carte and that was what we did.

The food was definitely European but didn't take on any distinction of being French, Italian, or whatever. In short, I'm going to come off harsh but while the taste was decent, there wasn't much personality to any of the dishes. We had a nice time, but we never went back.

I know where they got those mini eclairs!

More food from Bebu on the ground floor of the Andaz Hotel. That grilled chicken breast was delicious, so tender and juicy! After my first order though I subsequently asked for sauce on the side, because the sauce smeared on top made my crispy chicken skin all mushy after a while.

Yup, both the Tavern and Bebu got their mini eclairs from the Pastry Shop below ^.^

Loved the eclairs from this Pastry Shop, which was next door to Bebu. A sitting for tea here was quite pricey, but if you go to Bebu, you can order an tea/coffee set for 950yen that comes with 3 mini eclairs and unlimited refills of tea or coffee from 2-5pm! What a deal, huh?

Other than the delectable eclairs which they did really well, everything else was unfortunately hit or miss. For example, that carrot cake was both super dense and dry it was painful to eat. I took a few bites and then gave up. Also, I made the mistake of ordering the caramel latte (at the upper left), and to my horror it came out in a pint glass. Yes, you read that right, a freakin' pink glass filled to the brim full of coffee. Who in the hell thought this was a good idea?!? I didn't even make it half way!

Flowers spotted around the neighborhood.

Does anyone know what this flower is? It's so unique looking and very tiny. Each flower was the size of my fingernail!

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