Sunday, May 21, 2017

Soap Crazy Part XIII

Yet another 2 years since the last Soap Crazy post!

No, we used up a whole lot more than the 11 bars below in the past 2 years. Most of them were repeats though, like the L'Occitane Bonne Mere Soap Milk for example. We must have gone through at least a dozen of the 50g Milk bars during our time in Tokyo, because we just love that scent so much. Anyway, it wasn't until we moved home that I decided to change things up a bit. Being home means I have access to my soap stash again, and it's been fun to go through and pick out a new soap every other month or so.

- Fresh & Clean Almond Silk Glycerin Goats Milk Soap: more nutty and vanilla than almond but I enjoyed the scent nonetheless.

- Fresh & Clean Blackberry Apple Aloe Vera Soap: smelled nice, more apple than berry though which is okay with me. The problem was that just one mere week into use, the soap bar fell victim to the dry weather and look what happened. Yikes. This was probably the worst I'd seen as most other soaps lasted until about 1/3-1/4 bar before cracking up like that. It remained usable until it completely broke apart into tiny pieces, at which point I had to throw it out :(

- L'Occitane Almond Bonne Mere Soap: this was the 100g bar from the Enchanting Almond Collection. Absolutely loved this. It had the same yummy almond scent as the rest of the almond line. Too bad it's no longer available :(

- L'Occitane Honey Bonne Mere Soap: another 100g bar from the  Discover Our Favorites Set, from which I've already reviewed the Jasmin & Bergamote Body Milk. This honey scent is milder and not as strong as say, the Honey & Lemon Hand Cream that was long discontinued.

- L'Occitane Verdon Soap: yet another 100g from the Verdon Spring Set which hubby used up a long time ago. The soap has the same scent as the rest of the Verdon line, a masculine fresh scent with a touch of musk, but it sucked as a bar of soap. It was waxy and just didn't foam. I tolerated it okay but hubby hated it, much so he tossed it out one day while I wasn't home ^.^"

- L'Occitane Green Tea Soap: a 50g bar from the Green Tea Trio. Like the Moisturizing Hand Gel and the Shower Gel that came with the trio, the soap didn't smell anything like green tea, at least not the green tea I know. Unfortunately, it too sucked as a bar of soap. Like the Verdon soap above, it was waxy and didn't foam, and it cracked and broke up at about 1/3 bar left. Meh.

- Paradise Body Shop Apple Jack-n-Peel Goat's Milk Soap: delicious cinnamon apple that scented my whole bathroom since the day I opened it! Very seasonal appropriate as we were using it last fall. Love!

- Paradise Body Shop Frankincense & Myrrh Shea Butter Soap: no offense, but this soap smelled too..., ermm, hippie. Didn't like it very much.

- Paradise Body Shop Georgia Peach Goat's Milk Soap: it was supposedly peach but I smelled mostly, if not entirely apple. The scent was crisp and somewhat tart, not the sweet peach I was expecting. Then again, I don't really know what "Georgia peach" smells like. Perhaps it's really tart and not that sweet?

- Paradise Body Shop Lemon Sugar Goat's Milk Soap: smelled of neither lemon nor sugar, more like just generic soap.

- Paradise Body Shop Yuzu Goat's Milk Soap: a really nice and crisp citrus scent, but nothing like yuzu at all.

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kuri said...

Sigh, it's so hard to find a good almond scent...

D. said...

Sad truth, right Claire?

I especially like L'Occitane's almond scent and I can't understand why they did away with the almond soap!


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