Friday, November 9, 2018

First Aid Beauty Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser

Half way through this 147mL/5fl. oz. of First Aid Beauty Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser. It's also been discontinued a while back so this review is pretty much useless. ...But I'm going to post anyway ^.^" This blog is my skincare-cosmetics diary so I want something to refer back to at least.

This cleanser is another one I'm not at all sad to see gone. First off, the name itself is pretty confusing. Does "Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser" mean cleansing milk or cleansing oil or cleansing milk-to-oil? According to the instructions, it's supposed to "dissolve" makeup, even the waterproof stuff according to the official FAB product page where I got my bottle (when it still existed). There are all these oils in its ingredients too.

Secondly, it needs to be shaken well before use. I thought this was pretty strange. Most of the makeup removers I've used that had to be shaken were bi-phase stuff for eyes and lips and not really for the whole face. But fine, whatever, I'll shake it. The stuff that dispenses onto my palm turns out to be neither a milk nor an oil but more like a light, somewhat fluffy whipped cream. Huh?

Third, the first time I used this cleanser I thought it might melt and therefore dissolve makeup, sunscreen, etc. Only it doesn't melt at all and stays the same light cream the whole way through until I rinse it off. At this point, I was both confused and doubtful whether it would remove my water/sweat-proof sunscreen cocktail. However, I've been using it for two weeks now and haven't broken out, so I guess it's working? I always use a follow-up cleanser anyway. 

Fourth, I started out with 9 pumps as per instructions. However, each pump dispenses a tiny squirt, and 9 pumps gave me barely enough for the cheeks and chin. So for me it's more like 30 pumps for the whole face and neck. After just two weeks of sporadic use, I'm already through half a bottle. Even then, since this stuff doesn't melt whether I use a little or a lot, I don't get the satisfaction of feeling my waterproof sunscreen coming off no matter what. 

Finally, this cleanser leaves behind a bit of a residue. It also burns and numbs(!) the skin around my lips and nose when my skin is extra dry, probably because those areas are prone to chapping and cracking. I'm not sure which of the ingredients that's causing this burning and numbing sensation, but it's no fun. In short, perhaps there's a reason this cleanser was discontinued. Good riddance, I say.

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