Thursday, November 1, 2018

Maquillage Dramatic Rouge Part VII

This might be my last Maquillage Dramatic Rouge post (I kept saying that, and yet...) with four colors picked based on poorly-lit swatches on BE322 Honey Beige, BE777 Vintage Beige, PK722 Vintage Pink, and RD343 Fresh Red.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

This time, I tried two in the beige range solely because I tend to avoid these colors.

- BE322 Honey Beige: more like apricot-nude, with an opaque finish and is pigmented to boot. One swipe gave me full coverage. Not my jam, I'm afraid, so I passed it on to a friend.

- BE777 Vintage Beige: translucent red-toned beige. This one has the oily formula that was introduced in the beginning. It took me a while but I came to really enjoy the "melty" texture. I especially love the translucency that made this color totally wearable to me. Any more opaque and it would have been too close to RD742 Gentle Red.

- PK722 Vintage Pink: translucent pink that's cooler toned in the tube and more neutral on my lips. This one also has the original oily formula.

- RD343 Fresh Red: a warmer and more-apricot version of PK227 Trap Pink, in other words, not really that fresh and nowhere near red. It's a decent color but I wouldn't have bought it had I seen it in person.

From left to right: BE322 Honey Beige, BE777 Vintage Beige, PK722 Vintage Pink, and RD343 Fresh Red. There's dramatic difference between BE322 and the rest in terms of texture, finish, and pigmentation!

And guess what, just when I'm sure I'm done with these, they're releasing yet another Dramatic Rouge EX in better-looking packaging. From the online swatches, they look to be of the same oily formula and are lovely translucent too. I know all too well online swatches aren't reliable but I'm already eyeing 3-4 colors. Sigh, I'm so incurable. =.="

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Citrine said...

Hmmm, eyeballing vintage beige right now but now I am looking forward to see your rewiews for the new ones...(better package you said)

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Vintage Beige is a lovely color! The "better-looking" packaging has the same cap but smaller, shrunken to about half the current length.


D. said...

Hey Mina,

Here's a picture of the new Dramatic Rouge EX's packaging.


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