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With November 2011

It's been a while since my last magazine post, isn't it? I just got really sick of Japanese magazines (still am, actually) because they all seem to publish the same damn fashion articles over and over again, albeit with different clothes. Come on, how many freakin' 30 days of coordinates, top 5 key pieces, new hair, new shoes, new bags, blah blah blah, do I need to see in every damn issue?!? I know I know, they are women's interest magazines, and most women are interested in shopping (I do, don't you?), at least it seems that way with Japanese magazines. And I guess the magazines at home aren't that much better. They all repeat the same damn articles too. 

But I'm a total hypocrite, of course, because I still bought these magazines for their freebies and the issues from August, September, October, and November are starting to make a huge pile in my apartment xD So I thought I should start posting magazines again. It is more than half way through November after all, and many magazines have already put their January 2012 issue on the stand! Sheesh folks, it's not even December yet! If I have time, I'll go back and post the other backissues later.

Anyway, this is With November 2011 issue that comes with a Jill Stuart makeup case and matching tissue holder. 

The makeup case has a red and blue flower print on black ground that manages to stay girly and feminine, which to me is pretty neat since most flower prints are usually on a much lighter colored background. The only other freebie with flower print on black background I bought recently is the Rienda tote from the Happie Nuts March 2011 issue, and even then, that one has more of a gothy vibe, rather than girly and feminine.

The makeup case measures 13(height) x 20(length) x 6.5(width) cm and is made of polyester with a satiny finish and sheen. It also feels smooth and satiny to the touch and is very well made. 

Isn't the tissue holder adorable?

The makeup case has double zipper closure. It is also lined with a red ruby polyester fabric with black piping, which really makes the whole thing pops. 

One side has 2 pockets.

The other side is a large net compartment. 

Overall, the craftsmanship is excellent with clean and even stitching and no loose threads.

The tissue holder is not lined with just the laminated inside.

This handsome pair of boots caught my eyes instantly! I love the contrast of the black tip, heel, and the thin ankle buckle against the brown leather. If you ever see the words dashing and feminine used in the same sentence, it would be to describe these boots. WANT!!!!

Modeling the freebie makeup case and tissue holder.

Top 5 pieces of the season:
#1: Bow tie blouses

#2: Dotted dresses (in Japan they call dresses "one piece")

#3: Tailored blazers/jackets, though the headline actually says "Simple Tailored".

#4: Turtleneck and cardigan twin set, though the title actually says "Turtle Knit Twin."

#5: Fluffy pleated skirts

The next few pages features some neat sweaters that can be worn in multiple ways. I notice they do this a lot in Japan, and apparel brands often come out with sets that can be worn several different ways as different coordinates, which is a really smart and creative thing to do. No wonder most Japanese women look so put-together. I envy them!

Here's a knit shirt and throw set with a knit shirt as a base and the throw can be worn as an a shark-bite hem cape (upper top left), a rounded cape (far bottom right), an open cardigan (on the model, center), a wrap bunched at the front (underneath the shark-bite hem cape), a throw, or just a simple scarf. How awesome is that?!? The downside, of course, is that the throw is whisper thin, because you wouldn't be able to do all that with a chunky thick knit. If you ever been through a winter in Japan, you will know that it can get blisteringly cold due to some humidity. So really, pieces like these are for fall or spring when it's cooler. They are definitely not cold weather coordinates.

Left page: a button up shirt that can be worn in a standard way, or buttoning up just at the tip of the hem for an open front tunic look. 
Right page: a dress and sweater set, with the sweater having an open hem that can be worn as a standard sweater or flip it upside down and wear it as a long sleeve bolero.

109 pieces of knits/sweaters.

Different types of leggings, stockings, and socks.

Pants versus skirts, 30 days of coordinates.


Different types of boots.

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