Monday, June 18, 2012

Maquillage Eye Color N Part IV

Last of the Maquillage Eye Color N, finally! 

- RD734: metallic, medium intensity. A plummy mauve that is a better pigmented and more metallic version of the crease shade in Kate Metallic Eyes Limited Edition BR-2 Pink Brown Variation

- RS147: semi metallic pearl, low intensity. A somewhat translucent pale lilac that reflects a lavender pearly sheen. It's this pearl sheen that makes it appear a lot more opaque in the swatch picture than it really is.

- VI727: iridescent, very sheer. A completely translucent lavender that reflects a greenish iridescent sheen with greenish shimmers. Again it's this sheen that makes this color more opaque in the swatch than it really is. It's actually very sheer. 

- VI327: shimmer, very sheer. Another completely translucent and satiny lavender with floating ivory shimmers. If it weren't for the lavender color, it probably wouldn't even show up in the picture. That's how sheer it is! 

- VI737: semi metallic, medium intensity. A lovely smokey grayish purple. Love this color so much, only I wish it was fully metallic instead of just being semi metallic. It's still gorgeous though!

- WT945: metallic pearl, medium intensity. A pigmented metallic pearl white. 

Left picture taken indoor with flash. Right picture take in natural light without flash.

From left to right:
- Top row: RD734, RS147, and VI727
- Bottom row: VI327, VI737, and WT945

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