Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lunasol Full Glamour Lips Part III

Update Saturday, January 7, 2017.

Had a chance to play with some of my lippies and here's a comparison of Lunasol Full Glamour Lips 18 Brown Red below and 22 Deep Bordeaux versus Stain Color Lips EX04 Soft Bordeaux.

Full Glamour Lips 18 Brown Red definitely has brown undertone, 22 Deep Bordeaux is cooler, and Stain Color Lips EX04 Soft Bordeaux has more red.

Original post Sunday, November 27, 2016.

Continuing my love affair with Lunasol Full Glamour Lips. Below are 18 Brown Red and EX08 Spicy Red, an LE from the Shinjuku Isetan exclusives released this past August. 

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

So...EX08 Spicy Red. When I saw this lippie at Shinjuku Isetan, it looked like cream-jelly formula and swatched with a nice sheen. Once I picked up my order and could see it in natural light at home, it turned out to be a cream formula (what?!?), and it swatched semi-opaque (what what?!?) with a satin finish (what what what?!?). In all seriousness, this EX08 feels like a softer version of the Stain Color Lips LE's! Huh? Did they bait-n-switch me?

In disbelief, I went back to the store to see the rest of the 2016 fall releases, namely 37 Fresh Coral, 38 Blossom Pink, 39 Soft Pink Beige, and 40 Soft Red Rose (no swatches, sorry!). Guess what--they're all creams and have the same semi-opaque satin finish! Woah. It's like Coffret D'Or completely altering the formula, texture, and finish to the Premium Stay Rouge, the very reason I buy them to begin with!

- 18 Brown Red: a warm and translucent brownish red just as named. On my lips, there's some mauve too. Likey!

Here's a comparison between 18 Brown Red and 22 Deep Bordeaux. 22 Deep Bordeaux has more wine and is more flattering on me, but 18 Brown Red is a pretty color too, and great for this season!

- EX08 Spicy Red: a semi-opaque warm orange-red with a satiny finish. It swatched more orange on the back of my hands (due to the yellow in my skin tone) but shows more red on my lips. The problem is that the new formula makes it difficult to distinguish between this Full Glamour Lips and Stain Color Lips EX03 Energy Red (will update with a comparison swatch later). I love the color enough to overlook this particular incident, but going forward I'm going to have to think twice about buying new releases.

18 Brown Red and EX08 Spicy Red.

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Citrine said...

I think it's probably the tester(thr tenperature at the time and how much it has been used), I noticed that my cream gel Jill stuart now apply like opaque cream as it gets colder....

I think I will cave in on cherry red soon, given how yen is approachable again!

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Interesting thought. But then all the new releases are this way too :(

I think you'll like 02 Cherry Red. I love mine and have been eyeing a backup (like you I'm waiting for the yen to drop...). Also, you might want to give the Premium Stay Rouge LE winter releases a try too, especially the color RD-221, which is a sheer red, or at least it was when I swatched it >.>


Citrine said...

I have been stalking adambeauty for the premium stay rouge but they are not showing up! I can't bring myself to ichibankao them...Just Cherry red is doable though, I wonder if I should wait for thing to drop to 1usd to 120yen or just buy it now and get it over with.

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

No no no, don't bite the bullet for Ichibankao. It's not worth it. Just wait for a little longer and it'll show up at AdamBeauty eventually.

But yeah, I think you should totally go for Cherry Red. It's in my Rakuten basket along with the new Opera Lip Stains ^.^


kuri said...

Disappointing about the new formula! Spicy red is a great color though.

That brown red is gorgeous - I may need to get that!

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Yeah, I'm sad about the change in formula too, as the old formula and finish were really growing on me.

I really like brown red also! It surprises me how my taste has changed over the years (probably because I'm getting older...) and I now lean towards darker colors more so than lighter and brighter ones. You should definitely check out Brown Red, and if you like it with a touch more berry, you should look into 22 Bordeaux also.


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