Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ettusais Lip & Cheek Crayon

These Ettusais Lip & Cheek Crayons in PK and RD were part of an impulse purchase I made last year, with the other part being the Lip Essence Color in RD. Admittedly, these crayons are much, much better than the Lip Essence, but over the years I found Ettusais products to be more on the gimmicky side so I've decided to quit the brand.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

When I bought these, I was hoping for something I could just toss into my bag and swipe on the cheeks and lips on the go. Then I realized that was wishful thinking. Out of all the lip and cheek multi-purpose products I own, there isn't a single one I actually use for both my lips and cheeks. All became exclusives for the cheeks for me because they feel weird and slippery silicone-y on my lips. So why did I think this crayon would be any different?

Imagine my surprise when I tried these on my lips and thought they weren't too shabby. Sure, the texture is thin and it does have some slip, but it isn't too slippery or silicone-y. They felt just like good ol' lipstick, and with a satin finish to boot. On the cheeks they're great and feel very similar to Canmake Cream Cheeks, the original cream ones. These definitely aren't cream-jelly or jelly.

Sounds like I finally found my multi-purpose lips and cheeks stick, right? Well, in a pinch they'll suffice, but otherwise they aren't moisturizing enough for my dry lips (neither are good ol' lipsticks for that matter, which is why I always go for the balmy and sheer ones). I tried to layer these over lip balm but they just sat there and shifted around in patches after a while. So layering didn't work for me and I found they work best when used alone. If your lips aren't crazy dry like mine, I think you might like these. 

- PK: a warm peachy pink and the sheerer one of the two. I would wear this on my lips more often if it weren't for the slight white base. While the color does "adapt" to my lips after a while, but upon application it brings out every lip line, cracks, and flakes. On the cheeks, this color gives a sheer but healthy and fresh flush.

- RD: a cool-toned, blue-based red with fine white shimmers that don't really show. Unlike the PK above, this color doesn't have a white base and is quite lovely and pigmented on both the lips and the cheeks. The pigmentation and the natural/moderate coverage are the reasons I don't wear it often on my lips.

PK and RD, swatch and blended.

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