Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment

Another belated review for this Triple Paste Medicated Ointment which hubby and I are never without in the past two years since our little one was born. Pictured below is the gigantic 284g/10oz. tub but we have a small tube in the diaper bag and stocked up more as well.

***Disclaimer: there will be discussions of baby poo and illnesses below. You've been warned ^.^***

This is miracle paste in a tub and I don't say that lightly. We used to use it more often before our little guy started on solids. Because when his diet was exclusively breast milk, his poo was accordingly runny (and didn't stink, believe it or not!) and frequent. So with every diaper change, we apply A&D Ointment (yet another belated post to write soon) on the groin area and the bum. At the first sign of redness, usually a symptom of an oncoming rash, we switch over to this paste. Just like that and we've been able to keep our little one rash-free for the most part, save for one time. 

That one time was actually recent, like in March recent. My little one started school in January, you see, and with school came the constant sicknesses and ear infections from the runny nose that just won't go away. Among the sicknesses was the stomach flu, which both hubby and I caught from our little guy, though it hit him the hardest as his immune system isn't fully online just yet. For a week, the poor little thing couldn't hold anything down--or in. It was so hard to watch him suffer, especially once hubby and I caught the bug ourselves, only to fully empathize how awful it must have felt for a child who just had no idea what was happening to him. I just couldn't even begin to fathom how much worst it could get with lethal diseases--preventable lethal diseases!--like measles. Why anyone would voluntarily put their child through such suffering is beyond me.

But I digress. One morning, to our horror we discovered our little one had lost his bowel overnight and he woke with his lower back and both legs caked and covered in poo. We took him straight into the shower, and afterwards I almost cried when I saw the escaped poo had left behind red, raging rashes wherever it touched. After the shower, we proceeded to cover the entire rash with this Triple Paste, and we repeated the process with every diaper change. By that afternoon, his skin had calmed down greatly and the redness was gone. By the next day, the rash had begun to retreat. By the third day, it was completely gone and his baby bums went back to being baby-bum smooth ^.^ Really, this stuff is miracle paste in a tub.

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