Friday, May 24, 2019

Lipstick Queen All That Jazz

These Lipstick Queen All That Jazz lipsticks were my impulse buys last summer. I knew they had shimmers and with moderate pigmentation, not quite the Sinner-level 90% pigment but definitely more pigmented than the Saints. Then again, I remembered that Dancing Queens were among my favorite lipsticks and they were chock full of shimmers, and the Liptropolis were also more pigmented than I'd prefer but I loved those too. So into my basket Hot Piano and Paint the Town went.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The packaging for these disappoints me a bit. The tubes are slightly slimmer and longer but aren't the same metal tubes as all my other LQ's. They're black with chunky glitters, which makes them look cheap, and being plastic they feel, well, plastic. But okay, Addiction and Deborah Lippmann both have spectacularly fugly plastic tubes but with amazing lipstick formula, so I won't judge just yet. 

And the formula for these All That Jazz lippies is pretty good! It's unscented and on the thinner side but is very emollient and feels more like a balm on my lips than a lipstick. The neat part is the finish: all that fine shimmers translate into a brushed/matte metal finish, and thankfully without the chunky glitters that really ruined the Red Metal lipstick for me. Despite the nice semi-translucency, they're still a bit pigmented for my taste. However, these two colors aren't as jarring as those from my most recent Lunasol acquisitions, so they're still wearable for me.

- Hot Piano: a medium red that leans warm, and I like that it's slightly more translucent than the Paint the Town below. So I ended up reaching for this color more often.

- Paint the Town: a burgundy with violet shimmers, which lends to an interesting finish. Pretty!

Hot Piano and Paint the Town.

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