Thursday, May 30, 2019

DHC Mild Soap

At long last hubby and I finished the gigantic tube of Origins Plantscriptions Anti-Aging Cleanser. I mean, it only took the two of us two sweet years =.=" So I started us on this deluxe 30g travel size of DHC Mild Soap I found while clearing out our medicine cabinet. Yes, this soap is the one from the Olive Essentials Travel Set I bought ten years ago. Woops ^.^"

What do you know, the unscented soap is still okay to use ^.^" In fact, it produces a pretty nice and creamy lather and rinses well, if too well. Perhaps because it's old, but I'm not sure this soap is mild at all. It leaves my skin totally squeaky and taut after rinsing. Thankfully, summer's *almost* here and it's okay, but I wouldn't go near this during the colder and drier seasons. A couple of times I used this as follow-up cleanser to CLE Cosmetics Melting Cleanser and this combo deep fried my face. Each of those times, I got out of the shower and could feel my face drying up and my skin flaking and cracking. Nope.

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