Friday, November 18, 2011

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Face Powder

Along with the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Correcting Powder in Translucent, I also brought back with me this Powder Palette Multi-Colored Face Powder in Highlighter. I've also debated greatly whether I should get this as well, but I've already b*tched enough about the packaging in the Mineral Correct Powder post so I won't put you through it again ^.^

Powder Palette Multi-Colored Face Powder in Highlighter. All pictures taken indoor with flash. 

Actually if anything, this compact is even uglier than the Mineral Correcting Powder compact, solely because it's opaque silvery gray and you can't see through it at all, save for the lid.

And yes, the brush is still as shitty as ever.

But again, the powder itself it very nice! That said, this Highlighter is a complete misnomer in my opinion. It's not a highlighter at all! Despite all those honeycombs of different colors, it's a completely translucent finishing powder. After application, my skin looks smoother and my pores are less visible (or perhaps I was just imagining things... ^.^'), but I observed no highlighting effect whatsoever. Not even a little brightening. It's pretty smooth, though not as soft as the Translucent Mineral Correct Powder. They both share the same light powdery scent that's not noticeable unless I sniff it. It is completely matte without any shimmers at all, and so in addition to being a translucent finishing powder it also provides some oil blotting function. For this reason I think it's best suited for summer use instead of fall and winter. Either way, I'm very happy to have bought both the Mineral Correcting Powder and this Multi-Colored Face Powder. 

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