Friday, June 22, 2012

Castledew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors Part III

Wahoo, I finally got my grubby hands on the newest Castledew Diacut Eyes 9 Colors E907 Pure Angelism! I'm thrilled because not only this is a pressed powder palette, which I prefer over their baked ones, it has not 1, not 2, but 3 sparkly top washes! 

***Picture from VOV Korea.

The Castledew Diacut Eyes compact. Picture taken indoor with flash.

And I have to say, this palette is so pretty! I'm constantly making a mental list of palettes i would pack with me when I travel (don't you?) and this one is going on that list for sure. The funny thing about it is that while it has 3 sparkly top washes and 3 liner shades, the rest of the 3 are light colors meant to be used as base or highlighting. Perfect for lazy folks like me, I guess ^.^ Highlight, line, then a light dusting of sparkles and wahlah! 

E907 Pure Angelism. All pictures below were taken in natural light without flash.

All excitement aside, the good news is that both the sparkling top washes as well as the liner shades retain their medium-high intensity pigmentation. The slightly disappointing news is that these pressed powder shadows are not as buttery soft as the previous E902 Planet Shine Star and E904 Romantic Garnet Dia. Don't get me wrong, as a whole the palette is still silky smooth, it's just no longer buttery to the touch, which is really too bad. While this doesn't really affect how much I like the colors and finishes, it's still a change in quality. Oh well...

Top row:
- Pure Silver: metallic, high shimmer, medium intensity. A pigmented metallic true silver sparkly top wash.
- Pure Purple: metallic, high shimmer, medium intensity. A gorgeous metallic lilac sparkly top wash that's also pigmented! Top washes are more often silver, gold, pink, white, along those lines. But lilac? Yes, please!
- Pure Navy: satin, medium intensity. A pretty navy liner shade with a periwinkle sheen. A close dupe of Maquillage Eye Color N in BL737!

Middle row:
- Pure Light Pink: pearl, low intensity. A pearly powder pink base/highlighter.
- Pure Pink: shimmer, low intensity. A pretty carnation pink with larger and scattered shimmers. If I layer enough, this color would probably work on the crease.
- Pure Deep Purple: satin, medium intensity. A beautiful deep eggplant purple liner shade with a brighter purple sheen.

Bottom row:
- Pure Beige: pearl, low intensity. A pearly off white base/highlighter. It may appear a powdery beige in the pan but you can't see any beige at all from the swatch.
- Pure Gold: metallic, high shimmer, medium intensity. Another lovely and pigmented sparky top wash! A sparkling champagne gold and a more translucent dupe of Makemania Sparkle Glitter Eye Shadow GD (Gold)!
- Pure Brown: shimmer, high intensity. Now this is a cool liner color! It's a plummy, maroonish brown with larger silver shimmers.

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