Monday, April 17, 2017

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS Part VI

Yes, even more Paul & Joe Lipstick CS ^.^ I told you I'd gone back for the last of the 2016 spring collection, namely 096 In Bloom, and while at it I also picked up the three colors from the 2016 fall collection, 099 Autumn Sun, 100 Kiss in the Park, and 101 Snuggle Up.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

And of course I needed more Lipstick Case CS for those refills, so I got another 011 having given my previous one away, 034, and 036. The duplicate 011 was an accident, a total goof on my part when I was placing the order.

I'd already reviewed the 2016 spring lippies so I'll just describe 096 In Bloom later.

Again, I was reluctant to take risks with the 2016 fall collection having seen no swatches or reviews for them. From the stock photos, the color theme of nude, berry, and mauve are definitely seasonal appropriate. I was more iffy about the finish(es?). I'm usually willing to try soft mattes and semi-opaques in my comfort range of corals and reds, and may be even berries and deeper bordeauxs. But I definitely prefer nudes and mauves to be on the sheerer side. I don't reach for these colors often to begin with, so when I do I want them to be as easy and wearable as possible. 

Well, this is another instance in which I'm rewarded for taking risks. I ended up loving all 3 colors, one of which has a natural finish while the other two are sheers! I guess it makes sense since P&J released soft mattes in the spring when other brands went for sheers. So for the fall, P&J did the opposite went for natural and sheers instead of more opaques.

- 096 In Bloom (Soft Matte): shimmer-free hot pink with fuchsia undertone and a soft matte finish that can be build up to full coverage.

As promised, here's a comparison between the P&J 2016 spring collection and Lunasol Stain Color Lips 2015 summer collection, namely EX01, EX02, and EX03. Seems to me the P&J lippies are slightly more translucent than the Lunasol ones.

- 099 Autumn Sun (Natural): shimmer-free blushing nude with peachy undertone. This color has natural coverage and it's the most pigmented one out of the 3 colors in the fall collection. That said, it can be sheered out with 2 layers on the top lip and press to spread. It can also be built up to full coverage with 2 layers on both lips. Very versatile.

- 100 Kiss in the Park (Sheer): shimmer-free and transparent raspberry. Appear pinker in the swatch photo and turns redder on my lips. Love! My favorite color in the collection.

- 101 Snuggle Up (Sheer): shimmer-free and translucent plummy mauve. Interestingly enough, once applied this color turns into a my-lips-but-better color. Despite taking on more a brownish undertone on me, it's still quite flattering. Likey!

Left to right: 096 In Bloom, 099 Autumn Sun, 100 Kiss in the Park, and 101 Snuggle Up.

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kuri said...

ooh, snuggle up looks right up my alley!

D. said...

Hi Claire,

As I was trying Snuggle Up for the first time, I actually was thinking, this is right up Claire's alley! No joke!


kuri said...


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