Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sushi Zanmai, Boulder

Here's yet another long-time local favorite: Sushi Zanmai in Boulder. In fact, hubby and I have a longer history with Zanmai than with its sister shop Izakaya Amu. We ate here a few years before we tried Amu for the first time, so all around we must have been eating at Zanmai for 20 years now!

Yep, hubby and I ate sushi here at Zanmai before we both learned what sushi was! We celebrated here after my undergrad graduation ceremony and many other milestones like hubby and I moving home from Yokohama, etc.

Yup. Yours truly as a fresh college grad.

It's my SIL's favorite spot also, even though L.'s moved away to Seattle for a decade now, if not longer? Whenever she's in town visiting and we ask what she'd like for dinner, she'd say, "Let's go to Zanmai!"

Here's L. with her little baby S. An old photo though, because said little baby S. is now 4 years old ^.^

So is the sushi that good? Honestly, it's alright. There are definitely better sushi elsewhere (like Sakana and Sushi Den, which I'll post soon). It's really the lively atmosphere and the non-sushi menu items I go for :P

And by non-sushi menu items, I mean their bentos: while not entirely authentic, the bentos at Zanmai are fantastic! I like their yakisoba too. Good thing they've just reopened for delivery and takeout recently! Hooray!

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