Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Oak at Fourteen, Boulder

Update Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

More food pics from Oak at Fourteen.

Original post Monday, May 4, 2020.

Oak at Fourteen is relatively new to our local food scene--they opened in 2010. Even then, hubby and I didn't start frequenting the place until 2016, after we'd moved home from Tokyo. But boy, once we started going, we couldn't help but kept going--the food was fantastic! Like Brasserie Ten Ten, we've never had a bad meal here. Sure, we liked some dishes more so than others, but overall it was always a great meal that left us wanting more. So we kept coming back.

Valentine's Day 2017. I was about 7 months along with my first little one here.

Valentine's Day 2018.

Sample menu, which changed every 1-2 months, I think. They did special course meals for special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. too. In fact, they have a 4-course menu for this coming Mother's Day ^.^ Whee!!! Yep, they're still open for curbside takeouts, although with a limited menu.

Hubby was partial to their whisky menu (he's a bit of a whisky nut), and I really liked that their non-alcoholic options were actually tasty!

Hubby and I went there a bunch of times, although less frequently since we moved into our permanent home that's a 30-mins drive away.

Still, as you can see we had our favorites.

Also, many of these dishes were in multi-course meals.

I think the "crispy rice" in the white plate below was among my least favorites there, though only because the rice was a tad too crispy, as in a bit too hard to chew.

Another dish I din't love, because the sauce was fish sauce-based and was a tad too strong for my taste. But of all the dishes pictured, not loving just two was still quite a record, don't you think?

Desserts. I admit we didn't often order desserts there, because we were so stuffed after most meals there wasn't any room left for sweets. Now that's saying something about their food, especially when yours truly has an insatiable sweet tooth, right?


Citrine said...

I was about to comment on Big Eno's shirt then I saw yours (even cuter!) you guys should be the next BonPon511...

D. said...

LOL Awww thanks, Mina! BonPon are so cute I can only hope I look that cute when I'm at their age ^.^

Take care and stay healthy!


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