Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes

After falling in love with Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes Limited Edition Sets in 01 Pink and 02 Brown Series, I went out and got 2 more palettes. Out of the 5 palettes available in the permanent lineup, I went for PK-1 and BR-2 then, as BR-1 looked a bit warm and at the time I still wasn't in the mood for the cooler GN-1 and PU-1. 

PK-1 and BR-2. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Turns out, I love these too! ...And promptly went back for more ^.^ Actually, these two palettes totally sealed the deal for me and I bought the rest of other 3 palettes. The BR-1 is warm? Who cares! I can't just let something this good get away! Though I'm still focusing on just these 2 for now and saving the 3 new acquisitions to savor later. I'm happy to say these Star Decoration Eyes is the second line of eye palette I've collected in its entirety (the first is Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadows) xD Can't wait to play with the other 3, yippee!! Though I shouldn't be too smug. Let's just hope this doesn't happen too often as my piggybank won't be able to withstand anymore smashing. Twice is quite enough already +.+

As with the limited edition palettes, these two are buttery soft and are pigmented, even if PK-1 is more of a lighter colored palette. Since the Jelly Star Eye Base in both SV and GD work so well for me, I continued to pair them up with these palettes. It's convenient too that both PK-1 and BR-2 are neutral on me, so whenever I want to warm them up, I use the GD base, or when I want to cool them down, I use the SV base. I love the versatility and I can't wait to experiment these 2 bases with the other 3 palettes ^.^

- PK-1: despite the warm pink crease shade and liner shade, this palette turns out to be pretty neutral on me. While I do prefer the BR-2 palette over it since BR-2 has a darker colored crease shade, this palette is still very pretty. It's a girlier and more naive version of Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow 06 Pink Beige PK-2 "hottie" palette. 

- Left: medium crease shade, semi metallic, medium intensity. A petal pink that looks warm in the pan but actually shows up neutral on me.
- Right: base/highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. A cool cloud pink that's very similar to the cloud pink sparkly top wash from the BR-2 below, only not sheer.
- Middle: sparkly top wash, high shimmer, very sheer. A sparkling yellow.
- Bottom: liner shade, satin, high intensity. Again, looks warm in the pan but thankfully is quite neutral on me. A dark pink chocolate.

- BR-2: this taupe beige combo is definitely neutral and hooray for yet another super flattering palette on me, especially when paired with the Jewel Star Eyes Base in GD! I really wish all the eye shadows I have work this well, but of course I'll be having my cake and eat it too ^.^ Love!!!

- Left: medium crease color, semi metallic, medium intensity. A gorgeous neutral beige brown that makes a perfect crease shade!
- Right: base/highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. A somewhat opaque ecru that's not frosty.
- Middle: sparkly top wash, high shimmer, very sheer. Cool and sparkly cloud pink.
- Bottom: liner shade, satin, high intensity. A marvelous deep taupe brown.


Julia said...

I love my BR-2! I'm not getting any of the other colours, though, because it somewhat irks me how they all have a brown liner shade.

D. said...

Hi Julia,

But at least the GN-1 has a deep olive liner shade that's only slightly brown. I know what you mean though ^.^


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