Saturday, November 26, 2011

Non-no October 2011

Posting the Non-no October 2011 backissue today! It came with a set of MilkFed pouch, pen case, and tissue holder. I was actually going to skip this issue, but then I was starting school and was looking for a pencil case and decided I should just get this.

And plus I saw this set on display at a local bookstore and they don't feel too bad, despite being unlined.

I like that each pouch has a different design, but still looking like a set.

The big pouch measures 15(height) x 24(length) cm, the pen case measures 7.5(height) x 21(length) cm, and the tissue holder measures 9(height) x 14(length) cm.

All three are made of laminated polyester and are unlined. Despite this, they feel well made and craftsmanship is very decent.

The inner seams are not covered either.

The next few pages feature all sorts of dresses, shirt dresses, and tunics.

Left page: Chiffon (top) and 60's styles (bottom).
Right page: Dots.

Left page: Lace (top)
Middle of both pages: Flowers
Right page: Peter Pan collar 

Left page: shirt dressed (top), plaids and checkered patterns (bottom)
Right page: floor lengths

Left page: black and white
Right page: colors

Plaids and checkered patterns are back in season!

The next several pages feature 200 picks for tops.

Floor length vs. mid-length skirts and dresses.

Polka dots 50 picks.

Animal prints 50 picks.

100 picks for pants in various cuts and shapes.

Geek fashion! LOL! 

Featuring the freebies.

The dude on the far left got me to do a double take - I thought that was Jin Akanishi, who by the way is breaking into the US music market with his debut song climbing to #1 Itunes download in the Dance category! Go Jin! Oh yeah, so back to the subject, the guy pictured is Miyata Toshiya of another Johnny's group. Never heard of them, but he definitely looks like a baby Jin in that picture.

The rest of the group.

Dude, where're my pants?!? xD

In line with the limited edition flavors in Japan, this is a Fanta limited edition Peach flavor, which came out back in October and I apparently missed it, not that I'm keeping track or anything...

And if this gal looks "off" to you, that's because she's a he ^.^ That's Chiba Yudai of the Ouran High School Host Club fame. I guess they're dressing him up as the main male character in the popular manga Usotsuki Lily whose hobby is to cross dress as a girl. 

While this sounds pretty out of whack, I assure you that it's actually more common in Japan than you'd think. For example, it's not out of the question for a high school to hold a beauty pageant during their annual school festival where in the boys would cross dress and compete as girls. Also, on TV I've seen plenty of game shows where celebrities would have to check out a line up of ladies and guess which of them are actually female and which are cross dressing males. If they guess incorrectly, the person will spray them with whip cream for being "rude," as in, calling a girl a man or vice versa  ^.^ And let me tell you, it's not always obvious. I mean, just look at the male celebrities here, for goodness's sake. Sometimes I really do think they blur the gender lines a bit too much! 


Εvi said...

Wow how cute are these magazine freebies! Also, I'm starting to grow a big envy on japanese magazines- I mean, this spread of 100 different dresses is so helpful to a shopper like me, as I've completely lost my faith in western fashion magazines with their on-trend editorials of which a single fashion look can cost more than 3000 euros... I wonder which percentage of Vogue's readers can actually afford their featured outfits! xx

D. said...

Hi cbsg5861,

The freebies are definitely a big reason why I buy Japanese magazines ^.^ Though they aren't always the best quality, sometimes I get lucky and get really nice ones!

LOL that was why I stopped reading Vogue. I feel like those fashion spreads are just so out of touch...


Julia said...

Just wanted to stop by again and hand out a blog award to you!

D. said...

Oh wow, thanks so much Julia!

You made my night ^.^

...Sorry for the silly question, but are there any "rules" to pass this on? Not sure what to do... ^.^'


Julia said...

Glad to see you're happy! :)

Uh, I forgot to c&p the rules. Or well, they were in German, so I skipped them because I was too lazy to translate. ^^;

Just do what I did: Say a few words about the blogger/blog you got the award from, then nominate 7 new blogs and let the owners know about it. :)

D. said...

Thanks Julia!

Also, you said 7 new blogs, as in there can't be any repeats from the blogs you chose, right?

Thanks again!

Julia said...

Oh, there can be repeats! I even re-nominated the blogger who gave the award to me. Just choose whoever you like. :)

D. said...

Oh I'm glad to hear there can be repeats!!! Thanks Julia!!

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